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We are dedicated to improving the effectiveness of your hard work. 

By improving the comfort of your herd, your investment will grow. 

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Flex Feed

Check out our Free Stall Bedding Management Tools.

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Flex Stalls

With a 10-year warranty and fast return of investment, you are guaranteed higher earnings when you install Flex Stall in your barn.



The Ranger will push the feed every time, and won't call in sick. Automatically adjust the distance to the curb, without any programming.



Check out our Free Stall Bedding Management Tools.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cow comfort was the focus when we built our newest free stall barn and the cows have for sure rewarded us for it. This herd is now our best producing herd and the Flex Stalls from Cow-Welfare are a big part of why. Our cows are very comfortable: laying down and getting up is much easier for them.

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We have an abundance of footage, up-close and personal for you to review. Check out our gallery below to see our solutions in-use!


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