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Free Stall Bedding Management Tools
Superior Scraper
Bedding Extractor
Superior Scraper

An easy, automatically adjustable manure scraper.

Superior Scraper is an advanced manure management tool for free stall dairy operations. It is engineered with an automatic hydraulic float and constant low outward pressure with relief on curbs. Activating the hydraulics to the scraper will keep a constant pressure on the curbs. Even if the operator drifts off center, the wings adjust to keep consistent pressure on the curbs. 


 Skid Steer Mount Unit


  • Floating linkage prevents excessive down pressure to scraper, which allows skid steer to have improved traction

  • Floating linkage reduces uneven wear of scraper wings

  • Operated with boom down to increase operator's visibility

  • Allows for hydraulic system to have independent wing movement with low constant outward pressure as operator moves down alleyway

  • Automatically adjusts to variable width alleyways

  • Made in USA with 100% USA made high-tensile adjustable rubber for long service life

  • Open and close wings with skid steer auxiliary hydraulics

  • Operating width 8 foot to 14 foot

Three Point Mount Unit


  • Automatic hydraulic float with variable outward pressure on curbs

  • Flat back to reach in corners with 90° reachability

  • 100% USA made high-tensile adjustable rubber for long service life

  • Built for rugged farm use

  • Open and close wings with a flip of a switch

  • Automatically adjusts to variable width alleys

  • Closed width 6ft 6in, Open width 12ft 6in

  • Speeds up a labor intensive job


Sandman & Sandman Low Profile Free Stall Groomer


Sandman and Sandman LP are designed to aerate, slope and groom free stall beds in one step. Sandman not only grooms it leaves the bed at the uphill slope that cows prefer to lay on. Raking is done at a walking pace allowing for quick preparation of the stalls. Many of our customers groom stalls daily, some groom with every milking.


Sandman's boom and rotary arm are hydraulically driven. The hydraulic boom allows the operator to lower the rotary arm between the stall loops into the bedding area. Once the boom is lowered the rotary motor is started. The operator adjusts the loader frame height so the rotary arm shovels make contact with the bedding area, then drives forward at walking speed. Sandman is able to work under the stall loops to groom and slope the bedding material.




  • Sloping the bed improves cow comfort

  • Sloping promotes proper cow placement within the stall

  • Proper cow placement puts manure in the aisle

  • Aeration dries bedding and reduces bacterial growth

  • Speeds up a labor intensive job and lowers costs

Bedding Extractor

Bedding Extractor

Bedding Extractor is designed to remove soiled and bacteria laden bedding from the stall bed. The Auger removes and directs the bedding over the curb and into the aisle for clean up. Fast and easy, which means the chore gets done when needed to help reduce mastitis cases and to improve cow comfort. 


Removing soiled and bacteria laden bedding is a back breaking shoveling job that everyone avoids until it becomes a problem. Better health benefits to the herd results from the removal of soiled bedding.


Bedding Extractor with it's powered trench auger makes quick work of removing the bedding material. Remove up to 10" depth and 24" width of bedding materials with ease and speed.




  • Two passes with the Extractor will cleanly remove up to 10" of bedding

  • Powers bedding into the aisle for easy cleanup

  • Effective way to remove bedding with high bacterial count from the rear of the stall

  • Carbide mounted teeth removes the toughest bedding

  • Speeds up a labor intensive job


Mat-Mate free stall brush

Mat-Mate free stall brush is designed to brush off organic matter from the surface of cow mats more effectively than hand brushing. Mat-Mate brushes off the organic material that can cause bacterial growth on the mat surface. Cleaning occurs at a fast walking pace. Mat-Mate quickly attaches to your existing skid steer and is also available as a side-mount for your tractor. 

Labor Savings Made Easy

Manual brushing organic matter off cow mats is tedious work. Mat-Mate is a  mechanical device for cleaning cow  mats to improve cow comfort.


Mat-Mate is designed to quickly  connect to a skid steer universal mount plate. Mat-Mate raises to a vertical position for transport. It can also be angled forward to lower its height when entering low door openings. 



  • Mat-Mate mattress brush powers off organic material at a rate that normal scraping cannot match

  • Drier and cleaner mats lower bacterial growth

  • Speeds up a labor intensive job

  • Optional sprayer applies disinfectant to the brushed area

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