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Guaranteed more milk. Longer living time. Fast return of investment.


Cow-Welfare Flex Stall ensures high cow comfort, which improves health and increases lying time as well as milk production. With a 10-year warranty and fast return of investment, you are guaranteed higher earnings when you install Flex Stall in your barn.


In Flex Stall cows lie down fast because they are not afraid of hurting themselves on the equipment. The flexible stalls minimizes risks of injuries or pressure wounds significantly, which makes it appealing for the cows to use the beds. The result is relaxed cows and longer lying time. On average our clients increase lying time by 1.5 hour per day.

"Cow comfort was the focus when we built our newest free stall barn and the cows have for sure rewarded us for it. This herd is now our best producing herd and the Flex Stalls from Cow-Welfare are a big part of why. Our cows are very comfortable: laying down and getting up is much easier for them. We are very happy with the Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls in our barns; more milk and less injuries."

Josh Zonneveld

Zonneveld Dairies, Laton CA., USA

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