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Custom Solutions for your Needs

Your Dairy is one of a kind.

We will customize the solution to fit your unique situation.


Ventec Cyclone Plus

The ability to direct the high CFM from the Cyclone Plus reduces the amount of fans needed to achieve the airflow required to combat heat stress. 

Day and Night

  • 24/7

  • Proven Reliability

Fans Center aisle.jpg

Comparing Types of  Ventilation

Heat Stress begins at around 68 degrees.  Installing fans is the first line of defense in the war against heat stress.  Not all fans are created equal.  The Cyclone Plus has been engineered to move the highest amount of CFM in a 72" fan so that you do not have to install a fan on every available support in the free stalls.  Less fans mean less cleaning, less belt replacement, and less motors to maintain. 

Less fans = less Stress.

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